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Wills FAQs

We take great pride in offering professional Will & Codicil services to our valued clients. Our tailored Islamic Will service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Do you want to have control over the distribution of your estate, determining who benefits and to what extent? Our professional Will-writing service makes the process easy and straightforward.

Kang Asset Management provides a seamless professional service, including the option of a home visit if required (please discuss in advance). We have helped numerous individuals like yourself in safeguarding what is most precious to them.

Benefits of our service:

- Personalized advice based on your unique circumstances, avoiding generic online forms.

- 100% legally binding Wills, approved by our team of Lawyers.

- Assurance that your loved ones and assets are protected.

- Clear explanations in plain English, free from confusing legal jargon.

- Proud members of The Society of Will Writers.

- Every Will we write is protected by Professional Liability Insurance up to £2.5 million, ensuring your beneficiaries are not left at a loss.

Cost breakdown for Will-writing:

- Codicil of Will: £150

   Amend or update your existing Will.

- Single Will: From £200

   Create a Will specifically tailored to your needs.

- Mirror Will: From £350

   Make a Will in alignment with another person who shares similar wishes.

- Trust Will: From £500

   Establish a Will with enhanced asset protection and flexibility.

- Islamic Will: From £250

   Create an Islamic Will personalized for you.

Initiate the process by starting your Will online or by scheduling a call to discuss your options, including the possibility of a home visit. Please note that bespoke services may incur additional charges.

Benefits of having a Will:

- Determine the recipients of your assets.

- Appoint a trusted individual to carry out your wishes as stated in the Will.

- Designate guardians for your children.

- Choose trustees to manage the inheritance of minors.

- Minimize inheritance tax liabilities.

- Make specific gifts to individuals and charities.

Understanding Codicil:

A Codicil is a simple document that requires the same signing and witnessing procedures as a Will. It allows you to make amendments to an existing Will without the need for a complete rewrite.

Crafting your Will in three easy steps:


1. Answer our straightforward questions:

   Our online form simplifies the Will writing process. Just provide answers to our simple questions after carefully reading and understanding the requirements.


2. Lawyers create your Will:

   Once you have completed our online journey, our team will conduct a capacity check by a lawyer. If all legal requirements are met, your Will will be drafted and emailed to you within five business days.


3. Print and sign at your convenience:

   After receiving the professionally drafted Will, print it out and sign it in the presence of two independent witnesses. That's it!


Remember to keep the original signed Will in a safe place. If you have any questions, our team is always here to provide guidance and assistance.


Alternatively, schedule a call to discuss your options, including the possibility of a home visit. Please note that bespoke services may incur additional charges.


Do your circumstances involve more complexity? We offer additional services such as trusts, which can be incorporated into your standard Will.


We provide comprehensive advice on various types of Wills, ranging from the simplest, such as leaving assets to your spouse, to more intricate arrangements involving non-traditional family structures, will trusts, business asset provisions, or international elements. Our approach is holistic, considering your specific assets and family situation. Our goal is not only to provide a Will but also to ensure your wishes are upheld after your passing and that your assets are distributed according to your choices. When appropriate, we also offer inheritance tax planning advice.

Making a Will and Planning for the Future

Making a Will serves a greater purpose than simply transferring your wealth and property to the next generation, although that remains a primary reason for creating Wills. Writing a Will also empowers you to:

- Take measures to minimize Inheritance Tax, maximizing the inheritance for your loved ones.

- Provide for unmarried partners and stepchildren who would not inherit in the absence of a Will.

- Appoint trusted executors to handle your final affairs.

- Designate guardians for your children in the event of your passing before they reach adulthood.

- Establish trusts to govern asset inheritance, usage, or provisions for vulnerable family members.

- Outline your funeral wishes, providing guidance to your executors (while not legally binding, it helps them understand your preferences).

- Mitigate the risk of posthumous Will and inheritance disputes, as clear written instructions leave less room for family disagreements.


Securing Your Family's Future


At Kang Asset Management, we firmly believe that everyone should have a Will to exercise control over their assets. We are committed to helping you in this endeavor and even offer free Will writing services to deserving individuals, as we consider it vital for all.


Why Do I Need a Will?


- To have complete control over the distribution of your assets upon your demise.

- To ensure the financial security of your family, friends, and dependents.

- To be able to make charitable donations or support causes close to your heart.


What Happens if I Don't Have a Will?


- Without a Will, your assets will be distributed according to legal guidelines, which may not align with your wishes or adequately provide for your loved ones.

- If you are married with children, your spouse may not automatically inherit all your assets.

- Instead, your assets may be divided between your spouse and children based on intestacy rules.

- If you are unmarried, your partner or loved ones may not receive any portion of your assets.


How Can We Help?


- We provide a personal and professional Will writing service facilitated by experienced lawyers.

- Our trained Consultants are available to meet you in the comfort of your own home.

- We guide you through the entire process, from gathering instructions for your Will to its final signing and secure storage.


How Long Does It Take to Make a Will?


The timeframe depends on the specific service we are providing, and it is crucial for us to gain a thorough understanding of your situation. Our aim is to provide you with a draft Will to review within 7 working days of receiving your instructions.

We are proud to provide professional Will & Codicil services to our clients. We are very proud to

provide our tailored Islamic Will service to our Muslim brothers & sisters.

Do you want to choose who will benefit from your Estate, as well as what and how much they are entitled to?

Making a will is easy with our professional will-writing service.

Kang Asset Management is offering a straightforward professional service including home visit service if needed, please discuss this in advance. We have to help people like you to protect what is most precious to them.

  • ✓  Professional advice for your circumstances, no generic online forms.

  • ✓  100% legally binding Will and approved by our Lawyers.

  • ✓  Ensure your loved ones and assets are protected.

  • ✓  Everything is explained in plain English with no confusing legal jargon.

  • ✓  Member of The Society of Will Writers.

  • ✓  Each Will we write is protected by Professional Liability Insurance up to the value of £2.5 million, so you can rest assured that your beneficiaries won’t lose out.


What is Codicil

A codicil is a straightforward document that needs to be signed and witnessed in the same way as a Will. It allows you to make amendments to an existing Will instead of completely re-writing an already written version.

Make your Will in three easy steps:

1. Answer our simple questions

Our online form makes writing a Will quick and easy. Just answer the simple questions after reading and understanding the requirements.

2. Lawyers create your Will

After you complete our online journey, just wait up to five business days for your capacity to be checked by a lawyer, then it will be drafted and emailed to you if all legal requirements are met.

3. Print and sign at your leisure

After printing out your professionally drafted Will, you need to sign before two independent witnesses and you’re done!

Are your circumstances a little more complex?

We have a range of additional services such as trusts which you may choose to add to your standard Will.

We advise on all sorts of Wills, from the most basic, simply leaving assets to your husband or wife, to complex Wills involving non-traditional family arrangements, Will trusts, provision for business assets, or foreign elements. We always give holistic advice, taking account of your particular assets and family situation. The aim is to provide you not just with a Will, but with the assurance that your wishes will be kept after your death and that your assets will end up with the people you choose. Where appropriate we will also provide inheritance tax-planning advice.

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